4 Easy Steps to Stop your dog from barking

You might have come across this situation when your cute, adorable dog starts barking. It would have happened in parks, narrow streets, pavements, etc.

Whenever he would have started barking, there’s a strong possibility that you may have faced difficulty in resisting him from doing so. And in a hurry, you could have left the place, while taking him back to your home.

What’s the reason behind their sudden and loud barking? I am sure you may have come across that question and pondered over it, for some time. Your dog may be barking out of frustration, or he would have seen some other pet entering his territory, or he may be barking because of something else.

Let’s dig into the matter and look for some solutions, so that the next time your dog starts barking, you don’t have to run back. Instead, you will be to bring that barking to rest.

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1) First of all, you have got to see that why is your dog barking and what is the stimuli which is initiating such a response from his side.

The stimuli can be a passer-by or it can be a vehicle, or it can be something else which is provoking a loud reaction from his side.

At that time, make sure that your dog is tied up and you have got hold of your pet. Otherwise, he might scare somebody. And quickly, take him away from the scene and he will stop barking.

It’s simply because as soon as the stimuli would disappear, he would bring a halt to his barking.

2) Other than that, there are methods in which you can treat your dog to bark at your command.

Yes, you have read that right! You can apply methods like that too.

An add on is that you can associate his reaction to a reward or something which will encourage him further.

For example, if he barks then you can say “quiet”, and at the same time, bring his favorite food item in front of his hanging tongue, and rolling eyeballs.

As he would get busy eating it, it’s pretty obvious that he would forget about barking.

And the next time when he would bark, you’d be able to calm him down. This way, you’d be able to incorporate this change in his behavioral pattern.

3) Apart from that, in today’s world, there have been a lot of advancements in technology, which can help you in getting your dog under control.

The Ultrasonic anti bark birdhouse is one such invention which can stop your dog from barking if you are at home and he sees something. Its sound is something of which dogs aren’t really fond of. So, they are irritated and stop barking.

There are also special types of collars, which can soothe your burly animal.

4) You can also get some toys which keep your dog busy. If you can divert his attention towards the toys, then definitely he would stop barking.

You can try these steps, and yes, you will find positive results.