The 5 Easiest Dog Breed To Train

Are you a first time dog owner or looking to get a lower maintenance dog?  Did you know that some dog breeds take to training better than others? It’s true! So instead of paying for some costly training services through a pet store, when you adopt a dog look for one that can take to training well and can be a loyal companion for years to come! Here are some of the smartest and easily trained dogs right now.

#1: The Border Collie

Border Collie

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Lassie picked a great dog to portray the hero of the story! The Border Collie is and incredibly intelligent breed. They can work hard and will require a lot more hands-on owner to keep up with them and their workaholic personality. This is a breed that if you do not keep up with them they are so smart they can begin to cause problems for the owner. They always need to be occupied. Think of them as a child who actually asks for more homework!

#2: The Poodle


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It’s just something in the poodle genetics! Regardless of the size of the poodle from toy to full size, this dog is easily trainable and highly intelligent. This breed can seem like they are a standoffish breed but the poodle is often so in touch with their owner’s emotions that when you are having a bad day the dog starts to convince itself that it is having a bad day as well. They can be so intelligent that they will even begin to act stubbornly at times!

#3: The German Shepard

German Shepard

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There’s a reason that these are the most common breeds of police dog. These dogs are intelligent, relentless, and loyal.  There are even reports of German Shepards following the first command of their owner an astonishing 95% of the time!

#4: The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

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There’s a reason why the golden retriever is one of the most popular breeds. These dogs have the capability to be funny and curious, but also have a lot of brainpower and can quickly pick up any command.  The golden retriever will often use its high intelligence as a search and rescue animal, a guide dog, or a dog that assistance those who need mobility help. When a human being needs a little bit more of an extra hand, we turn to this breed to help us out.

#5 : The Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinscher

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Another traditional police and law enforcement dog that is heralded as a loyal and intelligent breed that has the capability to retain their training for an extended length of time.  The Doberman Pinscher is a fiercely loyal dog and needs to be trained properly or it will be stubborn. Be sure to keep this dog inside with you and your family so that it will establish a bond with you and listen to your commands. If this dog is left outside to fend for itself the dog will be aggressive to even its own family.