Why Are My Pets Ignoring Me?

Despite our pets being our very best friends, and often the companions who demand the most attention from us, there may be times when your furry partner doesn’t give you quite as much time as you’d like. So why is your pet ignoring you? And what can you do to change that?

Why Are My Pets Ignoring Me

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They expect payment.

When calling your pet’s name or making demands, they may respond initially, however after time when nothing comes from obeying you, your furry friend may grow tired of false promises. To change this, offer payment of sorts: a treat, a game, praise, or even a pat—anything they deem as a reward. Sometimes a bit of bribery goes a long way!

There’s a lack of training.

If your pet hasn’t been taught to respond, or hasn’t had any consistent training, they may not be ignoring you at all. Animals learn things just like children, through repetition and consistency, so start from step one, and make sure they are engaged and positively reinforced with various treats when training takes place.

They don’t understand.

Body language and gestures are often the most prominent form of communication, thus they are important features to make obvious when liaising with your pet. Be exaggerated, use your hands and make sure there’s high and low inflections in your voice. To get the attention, and keep the attention of your animal companion, you have to be animated, and in return, they should reciprocate.

They’re relaxed.

If your pet is just in the zone, completely relaxed and content with their surroundings, they might just choose not to acknowledge you. In this case, your furry best friend might just not be inclined to interact. Like people, animals sometimes need time to chill out, and when they’re in this type of mood it’s okay for them to just indulge in their need to be left alone.

It’s not in their nature.

Sometimes animals can have introverted personalities too. If you get a new pet, and you find they’re not paying you much attention, this might just be in their nature. There’s not much you can do if this is the case, however when your new friend warms up to you, you may just find them looking to get closer to you over time.

In the end, each pet is unique, and it’s not always straightforward as to why they choose to give attention, or conversely, withdraw from you. Keep them safe, make sure they’re healthy, and give them all the love they need. Forging enduring relationships with your pet can take time, but when you get there, it’s completely worth it.