Why Do Cats Sleep on Their Backs?

Are you looking to learn any and everything about your new furry friend? Cats are interesting creatures! It feels like everything they do has been carefully thought out and that these once mighty hunters still have all of their instincts about them.  Cats are typically very protective of their stomachs because of how vulnerable they are, so why did they decide to sleep on their backs for you? What are they trying to tell you?

Your cat is sleeping on its back because it feels safe and content.

This one should feel great to hear! A cat sleeping on its back means that it feels safe with you and the environment you have cultivated for it in your home. A cat’s stomach is incredibly vulnerable and they have been trained through generations to protect it from predators at all costs. They find lying on their backs to be quite comfortable and this level of comfort is an added bonus with how safe they feel in your home!


You cat is lying on its back because it is agitated.

This one is also easy to tell why it is occurring. If you are playing too rough with your cat or your cat was aggressive before they went to their back, you should not try to pet them and especially not try to pet their stomach. This gives the cat the ability to attack you with all four claws, and it may even make an attempt to grab you and kick you with its powerful back legs with their sharp claws. Your cat will not try to sleep in this position as it is on edge and will need to calm down before attempting to sleep.

Your cat is sleeping on its back because it is in heat.

If you have not taken your cat to the vet to be fixed, your cat will be following you around from room to room and falling down to be pet on its stomach. It will likely be making all kinds of crying noises and sounds you haven’t heard them make before in order to get attention from other cats. This will stop happening as soon as you take your cat to the veterinarian and get them fixed which is good for them medically, and prevents the pet population from getting out of control.

You cat is laying on its back simply because it wants a belly rub from you.

Much like dogs, cats love to get their belly rubbed! They are much more protective of their stomach so it may take them a little while in their lives to get used to the sensation of getting their stomach pet. Once they get used to it, and they get used to you doing it, you should come to expect it more often. Be sure to read the body language of your cat before getting on the floor with them to start petting them because those claws are sharp!