Why Does Your Dog Bark So Much?

Is Man’s Best Friend trying to tell you something important? Barking is the way your dog communicates with you when they are in need of help, food, or assistance. By picking up on your dog’s clues, you will be able to minimize the number of times they bark and rid them of any anxiety they may be feeling.

Your dog is barking because it needs attention.

One of the main reasons your dog is barking is because it needs something and its nonverbal hints are being ignored either purposefully or accidentally. If you are busy playing on your phone or computer and ignoring the dog, they’ll use their loudest tool to get your attention and attempt to gain your attention. Dogs are incredibly social animals and often times will demand your attention. Be sure to make time for your pets to keep them happy and help them with any anxiety they may be feeling.


Your dog is barking because it needs an essential resource.

When your dog is hungry, thirsty, or needs to use the bathroom there aren’t a lot of options for them to relay that information. They may have been taught not to scratch at the door to be let outside and instead may whine or bark until they are allowed in the backyard or to go on a walk. If you are late on the feeding time or to give them water on a hot day, they will let you hear about it. Keep them fed and given clean water on a routine schedule and stick too it if you don’t want to hear complaints from them.

Your dog is barking because it’s anxious.

Pets aren’t immune to our ongoing anxiety crisis. They might feel it when they are trapped in a small room or their crate. They may feel it at the dog park if they haven’t been properly socialized with other animals. If they are unsure what noise is or where it is coming from. Dogs will bark at the vacuum cleaner, the garbage disposal, or even at heavy thunderstorms and they will do this especially if they feel trapped and cannot escape the noise or the storm.

Your dog is barking because it feels threatened and is being protective.

This is apparent in every way, but it needs to be said. Your dog loves you and every single person in your orbit. He is hardwired to protect you and himself from any and everyone who is out there to do you harm. Sometimes its radar is going to be a little off and your dog is going to bark at the mailman or the person from the gas company monitoring your meters. It will get them sprayed by a skunk or upon their hind legs when they see another dog that gets too close to you. The more relaxed you are during these encounters the more relaxed your dog will start to become during them, and this will teach them that they don’t have to be so aggressive.